Frequently asked questions

If you have a query concerning Turf Rewards, check the list of frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, contact our team.

Can I include purchases made before I signed up?

Yes - if you made a purchase earlier in the current year prior to signing up, you can include this retrospectively on your claim. Purchases must have been made during the same calendar year that you are claiming in.

Can I claim in conjunction with other offers?

No - Turf Rewards claims cannot be made on purchases that are made in conjunction with any other offers or deals.

Can I add more smaller orders together in order to meet the volume of a qualifying purchase?

Yes - If you have previously purchased a quantity of product that falls below the qualifying threshold you can effectively top this up to the qualifying level by making an additional purchase.

Can I access Turf Rewards outside of the Republic of Ireland? is unfortunately only available to users in the Republic of Ireland.

If you’re based in the UK please refer to

Does my points balance roll over to the following year?

No, all accounts points balances are reset to zero points on 19th December in preparation for the following years scheme. Any remaining points balance will be lost.

When must I claim my reward by?

You must submit your claim by 19th December, your points balance will reset at 12.01am on 20th December.

When will I receive my reward?

Rewards are typically dispatched within 30 days following a claim submission, subject to availability. For rewards of higher value, such as the iMac, ordering from the supplier is initiated upon receipt of the claim, which may extend the delivery timeline.

Which products qualify for the scheme?

A list of qualifying products can be found in the Turf Rewards brochure and website.

Will rewards points values change?

Rewards points are set at the start of the year with the intention that they won't change. However we may need to make changes to the points due to market and price volatility.

Who can claim?

Any person or organisation that purchases qualifying products via UK or Ireland distributors. The rewards are non-transferable and remain the property of the bill payer.

Which web browsers are compatible with the Turf Rewards website?

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari are supported browsers. Please note that Internet Explorer is not compatible.

What purchases qualify for the scheme?

Purchases of qualifying products made in the current year only.

What proof or purchase should I submit?

A delivery note is ideal. Please blank out any information that is not required to validate your claim (we need to see the date, company name, delivery address, product name, pack size and quantity). Acceptable files are PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF. Maxiumum file size accepted is 5MB

How do I claim?

Sign up at and the add your transactions throughout the year. Once you have accrued sufficient points for the reward you would like to claim, submit your claim on the website and once validated your chosen reward will be sent to you.

Any other questions?

If you have any queries or issues regarding Turf Rewards, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details or contact form below.